Life is incomprehensible miracle, because it always dissipates and rashes, yet it lasts and stands firm as the "The Bridge on the Drina" – Ivo Andric
All the Drina rivers of this world are curvy; they will never be completely straighten up; but we must never cease to stop trying to straighten them up. – Ivo Andric
In some people there are gratuitous hatred and envy, which are larger and stronger than anything that other people can create and invent. – Ivo Andric
Virtues of a man we receive and fully appreciate only if they are shown in a form that fits our beliefs and preferences. – Ivo Andric
It is strange how little it takes to be happy, and even stranger: how often just that little bit is missing! – Ivo Andric


PUBLISHING HOUSE “DABAR“ is dedicated to publishing of Orthodox spiritual literature, Serbian history and belles letters. PH “DABAR” since its foundation in 1994 prints magazine “DABAR”, and since then and up to date we have prepared a lot of books for Orthodox seminary and Faculty of Orthodox Theology, lot of anthologies, novels, collection of poems (Prayer Book, The worship book with Serbian saints included, Nomocanon, etc).



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