Life is incomprehensible miracle, because it always dissipates and rashes, yet it lasts and stands firm as the "The Bridge on the Drina" – Ivo Andric
All the Drina rivers of this world are curvy; they will never be completely straighten up; but we must never cease to stop trying to straighten them up. – Ivo Andric
In some people there are gratuitous hatred and envy, which are larger and stronger than anything that other people can create and invent. – Ivo Andric
Virtues of a man we receive and fully appreciate only if they are shown in a form that fits our beliefs and preferences. – Ivo Andric
It is strange how little it takes to be happy, and even stranger: how often just that little bit is missing! – Ivo Andric


Andrićgrad is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex situated on the estuary of the Drina and the Rzav rivers, approximately 300 meters from the Bridge on the Drina. This complex is managed by enterprise Andrićgrad Ltd. owned by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica with 51% and the municipality of Visegrad and the Government of Republic of Srpska with 49% ownership.

Andrićgrad is an idea of Prof. Kusturica about a stone medieval city, inspired by works and characters of a nobel prize winner, Ivo Andrić. It is actually a vision of how Višegrad would have looked like if the Renaissance and other historical periods had not gone by it. In architectural terms, the city itself is a mix of different eras and styles that have changed through the history of this area: the Byzantine style, the Ottoman period, the Renaissance and classicism. During the walk through the main street – promenade, visitors will be able to return to the past, “it practically merges two periods – the Renaissance fragments with the Ottoman period and the Byzantine Empire.”

– „At the entrance to the caravanserai encounters with the Byzantine palace, and next to it will be what Austria could have built but it did not, the same as the Ottoman Empire did not build what was supposed to build. Finally, towards the main square, which is made somehow close to classicism, which was supposed to occur during the royal rule, between the two world wars, the streets will be developed with the parts of the Renaissance, which could have been made by Austria” – Prof. Emir Kusturica

The idea was publicly presented at the end of 2010, and in April 2011 was formed Andrićgrad Ltd. as a company based on a public-private partnership with the mission of building and later managing complex. The estimated cost of the construction of Andrićgrad is about 30 million (15 million euros).

The construction began with a ceremony on the 28th June 2011 with the sound of opera Carmina Burana, performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

The official opening ceremony of the complex was held on the 28th June 2014 with the presence of a large number of dignitaries. After that, on the streets of Andrićgrad was shown a reconstruction of the Assassination in Sarajevo in the stage performance of three acts – “Rebel Angels“, which is based on an idea of Emir Kusturica. Actors of this play were Nebojša Glogovac, Nenad Jezdić, Zoran Cvijanović. In the performance participated about 300 actors and extras. In the performance participated about 300 actors and extras. As a part of the ceremony at the the square performed „No smoking orkestra“ and the orchestra of a violinist Nemanje Radulovića.

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