Life is incomprehensible miracle, because it always dissipates and rashes, yet it lasts and stands firm as the "The Bridge on the Drina" – Ivo Andric
All the Drina rivers of this world are curvy; they will never be completely straighten up; but we must never cease to stop trying to straighten them up. – Ivo Andric
In some people there are gratuitous hatred and envy, which are larger and stronger than anything that other people can create and invent. – Ivo Andric
Virtues of a man we receive and fully appreciate only if they are shown in a form that fits our beliefs and preferences. – Ivo Andric
It is strange how little it takes to be happy, and even stranger: how often just that little bit is missing! – Ivo Andric



In the hall of cinema “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad on Friday, 23 October, will be held a concert titled “With Song through Europe”, organized by the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta” from Višegrad and Andrićgrad. President of the society, Danko Mitrović, said that she at the concert would perform Mr of solo singing, Aleksandra


On Saturday, September 26, 2015 starting at 6 pm in Andrićgrad will be a festive exhibition of the winning photos of the competition “Trace of Soul”. During the past two months, from July 1 to August 31, several dozen participants sent around 2000 photos of natural and cultural assets of Republic of Srpska within the


At the Nikola Tesla Square in Andrićgrad on Saturday, 5 September, will be performed a play “The Tale of the magical player” for children. It will be performed by City Theatre in Jagodina. Manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić, tells to  Srna that the show will be performed on the occasion of the new school year


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