In the gallery “Lubarda” in Andric Institute in Andrićgrad tonight has been opened exhibition of 17 paintings by Aleksandar Cvetković from Belgrade.

Cvetković has been painting for over 40 years, and recently has been published a monograph on his work.

“This is a short selection of paintings from my earlier opus, the setting is not unique, but the paintings are from different years of my life,” says Cvetković.

He points out that the gallery of the Andric Institute is one of the best that he has so far exhibited, stating that his paintings has been presented in Europe and America, and that he has had more than 60 solo exhibitions so far.

“I am very much impressed with Andrićgrad, and everything that I have seen here is great, thanks to the creator, Emir Kusturica,” says Cvetković.

At the gallery in the Andrić Institute people say that Cvetković is one of the most influential artists in the local art scene and the new figuration in the years developed his own world picture is based solely on the relationship of visual elements.

His works do not show figures, at the paintings there are no objects, the artist is leaning on reality and trying with streamlined sign letter present and portray reality, that is, his impression of that reality.

Besides painting, Cvetković is engaged in rock music, which he plays in Belgrade clubs. Exhibition of paintings by Aleksandar Cvetkovic will be open for a month.