In the theater, “Visconti” in Andrićgrad continued shooting the film “On the Milky Road”, by the famous movie director, Emir Kusturica.

Serbian actor Miki Manojlovic tells to reporters that it is always a good mood at the set,  which means that it is not working too fast.

“A great honor for us is to work with the director such as Emir Kusturica,” says Manojlović and emphasized the good atmosphere during the filming.

He adds that music, lighting and lots of extras wis hat distinguishes a film, and all that is under the watchful eye of Kusturica.

Film “On the Milky Road” will be filmed in Andrićgrad next few days, and besides Manojlović, appears Serbian actress Sloboda Mićalović, and movie celebrity Monica Bellucci.

The film is a story of love and war in which Kusturica is in the role of a monk, Bellucci plays a girl who falls in love in Manojlović, who in the film plays brother of a milkmaid Sloboda Mićalović.