In Andrićgrad tonight as part of St. Sava festivities priest Sredoje Andrić held a sermon titled “Slovo o Savi” (A Letter abou Sava) and after that was held a concert of ethno group “Trag”.

Priest Andrić said that today svetosavlje (svetosavlje is Serbian Orthodox Christianity in the style and experience based on the life and work of St. Sava.) should be kept especially in schools.

“To protect and defend the way of St. Sava means guard and patrol armed with Christ in His ways, to keep his life, but the life of the brothers from the biggest enemy of the human, from sin, lies, hatred, malice, envy and most fraternal discord that lasts and does not stop. Our children, our teachers and parents should be aware that svetosavlje and the Orthodox faith, and Christ lies not our weakness but our strength to be a believer, baptized, to come to church and communion is not a shame, as we impose global trends youth but pride and joy,” says Andrić.

He emphasizes that the spiritual and national life throughout history is unthinkable to be viewed separately.

“Then when we have morally and spiritually fell, we fell both nationally and statesmanlike. Then when we have spiritually strengthened – we strengthen and statesmanlike. Sveti Sava is a living witness to such times. He is to every Serb, but also to the Christian a genuine and brightest example of how to love – first for Christ, and the Church and the state and how it burns the true and selfless sacrifice for Christ and for the Church and for the country,” concludes Andrić.

The head of the group “Trag” Valentina Milekić says this is the first performance of this group in Andrićgrad. “Tonight we have presented the new program, called `Ethno bal`. We are trying to revive the tradition of St. Sava balls that since the 19th century, our cultural heritage,” says Milekić.

She says that the group exists for 13 years, and that this is vocal and instrumental ensemble, which cherishes traditional music of the Balkans.

“In our repertoire are songs from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Republic of Srpska. We are trying to modernize the traditional rhythms,” says Milekić.

She adds that they have performanced in Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, and in other European countries.

The concert was organized by the Serbian Orthodox Municipality of Višegrad, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs and Andrićgrad.