His Grace Bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Littoral, Grigorije, has held tonight in Andrićgrad lecture on the topic “The others are source of my life.”

Bishop Gregory, who is also the administrator of The diocese of Dabar-bosnia, says that the aim of this lecture is to show people that each of us needs to be different and to preserve the uniqueness, but we can not exist as a person only if we are in community with others.

“The most important thing is that someone else is the source of our existence, and that he/she is a constitutive element of our existence. If there is none, or someone in relation to me, then I do not exist either. This is what the people need to understand, and this is not easy,” says Bishop Grigorije to the reporters.

He says that he is trying to speak a language that people understand and that he sometimes reads something written by philosophers, but it is important to speak on the basis of examples that people feel.

“Examples that I am telling you about are the relationship between mother and son, friends, boys and girls, that best show what it means to be in a relationship with someone and what it means that someone else is the source of our existence,” says Bishop Grigorije.

He says that he is glad because he has seen that the people in Višegrad are very attentive listeners.

Tomorrow Bishop Grigorije will serve serve Holy Liturgy with the clergy in the temple of the Holy Tsar Lazar and all Serbian martyrs in Andrićgrad starting at 9 am.