In a big hall of cinema “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad, 22.12. at noon will be performed play “Hear the  Serbs” according to the book by Archibald Reiss. The play dramatized and directed Ljubivoje Tadić, head of the National Theatre from Belgrade, who also plays Archibald Reiss, a character, in the play.

Archibald Reiss (1875-1929) was a Swiss forensic scientist, publicist, doctor of chemistry and professor at the University of Lausanne and a prominent war journalist in the Great War in Serbia, where he died. The play was created based on Reiss’ works “What I saw and lived through the Great days” and “Hear the Serbs of the World” and was first played in 2006, since when it ahve had more than 50 performances. Drama happens in 1928, five years after the withdrawal of Archibald Reiss from the profession and public life, in the anguish of his own kind of isolation. He chose Serbia as his homeland and with great passion approached the creation of the modern Serbian police. This play is dedicated to those who have not returned from the Great War, their heroism and indestructible spirit. It also represents a guideline where today’s Serbia should move to recognize the values that are slowly forgotten.

Actors play: Ljubivoje Tadić, Marija Vicković, Tanasije Uzunović and members of the choir “Stanković “, with the conductor Nebojša Cvijanović.

Admission fee is 3 KM,.