Radivoje “Raša” Popov, a children’s book author, a longtime television journalist, remembered as a star of a former television show for children “Tips & Tricks”, in a crowded hall of cinema “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad entertained pupils of first and second grade of elementary school “Vuk Karadžić” from Višegrad.

Famous Raša, with his performance showed remarkable vitality, read to kids his old and new humorous children’s songs, telling them all sorts of adventures and instructive stories and fairy tales.

“And as 82 year old I’m with children,” said Popov.

He recalled the great popularity of children’s television show “Tips & Tricks”, which left a deep mark on many generations of the youngest around pre-war Yugoslavia.

“After 30 years from broadcasting this popular children’s shows, this year the creator, poet Ljubivoje Ršumović, brought us together again, after which the shooting the new series of “Tips and Tricks” started, and which montage is scheduled for this winter, and broadcast in the spring,” said Popov.

He told the youngsters to obey their parents, and to parents that they treat their children well and not to beat them.

“It is the simple secret of family happiness,” said Raša Popov, after spending time with the children from Višegrad in Andrićgrad, on the occasion of Children’s Week.