In Andrićgrad tonight was held a concert “With Song through Europe”, performed by soloists Aleksandra Komlenović, accompanied on the piano by Veljko Mastilo.

A soloist, Aleksandra Komlenović, told SRNA that at this concert she had performed 13 compositions in seven different languages, hence the name of the concert “With Song through Europe”.

“The first concert with this repertoire we performed in Foča and we plan to expand this concert and to the neighboring towns,” said Komlenović.

Special guest of the concert was a guitar teacher, Dušan Mirkov, from Kragujevac, who is at the invitation of Aleksandra Komlenović came to the concert.

“I am very glad that tonight I was a guest in this town, which caused a great excitement because I am here for the first time,” said Mirko.

President of the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta” Višegrad, Danko Mitrović, said that this society as part of its regular annual program, in cooperation with Andrićgrad, has been organizing a concert with important guests from the neighboring municipality of Foča.

“We are confident that the audience enjoyed this unusual concert, which showed numerous applause of our fellow citizens,” said Mitrović.

Mitrović announced that in the near future in the organization of “Prosvjeta” will be held a public forum titled “Why are the Serbian cradle empty?” In the form of a scientific conference, at which it shall be considered the problem of the “white plague” among the Serbian people.

Her musical career, Aleksandra Komlenović, began in elementary music school in Foča at the department of piano, after which she continued her studies at the Music Academy in East Sarajevo, Department of solo singing, and then the master studies where he obtained the title of master of singing.

The organisers of the concert are the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta” from Višegrad and Andrićgrad.