In Andrićgrad today is the director of the Cultural Center “House for readers” from Madrid Cesar Antonio Molina, along with literary critic Mercedes Monmany.

Management of Andrićgrad take a walk with guests from Madrid through the main street Mlada Bosna, and then visited a bookstore “Ili-ili” and the monument to Ivo Andric on Nikola Tesla Square.

After visiting the monument to Peter II Petrović Njegoš which is at the same named square in Andrićgrad, they visited the Church of Saint Lazar.

Monmany donated to the Library of the Andrić Institute the book “Under the borders of Europe”, for which the prologue wrote writer Claudio Magris.

Cesar Antonio Molina told reporters he was delighted with Andrićgrad, and emphasized the importance and the role of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

“After reading Andrić’s novels, which perfectly explained the common life in the region through culture, religion, race and conflicts that symbolize Europe itself, we decided to visit Andrićgrad,” said Molina.

He said that this kind of pilgrimage for all who have read any book by Andrić, noting that Andrić was an intellectual who symbolized all the values on which the EU is founded.

Molina pointed out that the idea of Emir Kusturica to make a city of culture is worthy of respect and that the entire complex is extremely modern, but also important, especially for students who come from all over the world.

“Kusturica is a remarkable man. We met in Madrid, where Kusturica achieved a great success at the Centre of Fine Arts,” said Molina.

He announced that after returning to Madrid he will write about Andrićgrad for the most famous Spanish magazines and daily newspapers.