At the Byzantine Square in Andrićgrad was held the final event of the first competition “Pjesme Andrićgradu” ( Songs to Andrićgrad) organized by the Literary Fund “Sveti Sava” from East Sarajevo.

Organizer of the event, Bozidar Škobić said that was received over 170 songs, and in the book – a compilation “Pjesme Andrićgradu” was included 50 songs.

“Eight poets were rewarded, although there were many good songs,” Škobić said, adding that it is a great honor that Andrićgrad supported poets and, with financial assistance, publish this compilation.

Škobić said that first place won Jasmina Janković from Belgrade, the second place Ljiljana Fijat from Novi Sad and third place Momčilo Bakrač from Vrbas.

“This is a good beginning of a beautiful tradition, because in the competition took place poets from more than nine countries,” added Škobić.

President of the Literary Fund “Sveti Sava”, Nedeljko Žugić, said that at the event the poet Radomir Jagodić from Rudo was awarded with the Charter of Literary Fund “Sveti Sava” for good works bestowed to Serbian people.

“With such a Charter until now we’ve awarded Dara Sekulic, Emir Kusturica, Dobrica Erić today Radomir Jagodić,” added Žugić.

Poet Radomir Jagodić expressed gratitude for the awarded Charter and emphasized that he would continue to work for the benefit of Serbian people, as the very name of the Charter which was awarded to him.

Second prized poet, Ljiljana Fijat from Novi Sad, said that it was a great honor to write about Andrićgrad, and this was also an opportunity to visit cities in Republic of Srpska.

“The fact that there is a possibility to come here was inspirational for me, I am thrilled with Andrićgrad and the Bridge on the Drina,” said Fijat.

Manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić, told to SRNA that this was one in a series of events dedicated to Ivo Andric and to his work.

“We are pleased that this event happened in Andrićgrad and we hope that such poetic meetings will become traditional,” added Šipčić.

At this poetry reciting many of the participants of the competition recited their poems, and the organizers awarded prizes and awards to the best ones.