The play “Bela kafa”, performed by the National Theatre from Belgrade, played at the Byzantine Square in Andrićgrad within Vidovdan ceremony.

The director of the play, Milan Nešković, told to SRNA that to the audience in Andrićgrad last night had been presented a play by one of the most important Serbian playwrights, Aleksandar Popović.

“It is placed in the period between 1941 and 1955 and speaks of a family of six, atypical and recognizable Serbian family and deals with the questions and answers why the real Serbian family has disappeared from this area,” said Nešković.

According to him, in this play are represented the causes and consequences of the disappearance of a bourgeois family.

“Love and hate are intertwined in this play, respect and disdain, humor and bitterness, mutual destruction, but also to support,” said Nešković.

Neskovic said that it was a great honor to be at the birthday of Andrićgrad, which represents a new culture of Piedmont on the border of Serbia and Republic of Srpska.

“I’m tied for this placed to a specific and profound way, given that I have directed the official opening of Andrićgrad and the anniversary of the First World War. This honor, which was pointed to me by Emir Kusturica and that now at the birthday of Andrićgrad we preform this play, is a great pleasure, but also a duty,” said Nešković.

He pointed out that he was  enthusiastic with the audience, and for next year announced the theater festival in Andrićgrad.

After the show, was held a concert by the rock group “Riblja čorba”.