Anrićgrad invites You to the promotion of the book “Agape antologija” ( Anthology of agape), which has been published on the occasion of 10 years of broadcasting that television show.

Author of television show “Agape” and the book “Antologija agape”, Aleksandar Gajšek, had the opportunity to talk with the most important persons from Serbia.

“I am happy that people who have never watched the television show will have an opportunity to find in the book wise thoughts of wise people, that can be their guideline in dealing with life’s problems and psychological dilemmas” – says the author.

The book “Agape antologija” contains 12 television interviews with Patriarch Pavle, Vladeta Jerotić, Emir Kusturica, Matija Bećković, Dušan Kovačević …

05.06.2015 (Friday) at 6 pm
Book shop “Ili-ili” Andrićgrad