On the second and third day of Easter in Andrićgrad is planned a hosting of a Theatre from Kruševac with two performances that will take place in a large cinema hall starting at 4pm. On the second day of Easter, April 13, the audience will have the opportunity to see the play “Women’s Talks” based on Duško Radović’s book.

On the third day of Easter, April 14, the audience will be able to enjoy the show “Women of Serbian medieval rulers” a theaterhistorical work of a Serbian language teacher, Tijana Milenković.

Admission to both shows is free.

Play “Women talks” based on Duško Radović’s book.

Few professors in a Primary School “Jovan Popović” in Kruševac dared to do this unusual project they devised and directed the play “Women’s Talks”, based on a book by Duško

Radović. Their everyday roles as mothers, housewives, teachers now they have supplemented with a new role an acting.

Theirs lessons of life they want to share with the audience.

The story of a poetic cabaret is located in a tavern, which is on intentionally called “Big Break”.

This play is a new and different way of defending the honor of a teacher’s profession and shows that in our schools has not died spirit of true creativity and curiosity. They prove that teachers can and must learn something new.

The play “Women of Serbian medieval rulers”

Theaterhistorical work of a Serbian language teacher, Tijana Milenković, who is also directing, aims to introduce the all women rulers of Serbian courts, for whom history textbooks did not enough devoted attention.

About these women we do not know enough and so it is a good idea to watch this play so you could gain any idea of the kind of lives they have led. Performance glorifies Orthodox Christianity, our Kruševac, so we hope that the audience will be thrilled and that we will succeed in making them closer to that topic. The show is educational, it will refresh your memory, and introduce you to some new data from the history that you may not know.