On the Byzantine Square in Andrićgrad a theater play “Women of Serbian Medieval Rulers” has been šreformed with the participation of the teachers from the Elementary School “Jovan Popović” from Kruševac.

The director of this school, Snežana Stefanović Milanović, said that teachers had a great desire to come to Andrićgrad and to present themselves to the local audience.

She pointed out that the idea was to show a period of life in Serbia, where women were not only wives, but also the rulers, and they wrote history with their husbands.

“We have covered two centuries in this story, what was very difficult, because there are a lot of historical facts,” concluded Milanović.

Manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić, said that this was a very good opportunity to get acquainted people from Višegrad with theater and performances.

“For a long time in Višegrad there has not been shown any theatrical play, and today we have a beautiful ambience and location in Andrićgrad so we can present these plays,” said Šipčić.

He said that the show fit very well into the environment, because the square and the architecture is from the period in which the performance is placed.

Šipčić announced that in the future will be presented theatrical performances and organized numerous concerts and festivals.