Following the progress of the world’s movie production and technology in the multiplex “Dolly Bell ” will be opened the first 3D cinema in the eastern part of Republic Srpska. The “three-dimensional movie revolution” in Andrićgrad will begin with the screening of “The Avengers 2″.

The premiere is scheduled for 29 April at 8 pm.

The cinema hall of multiplex “Dolly Bell” has been already equipped with premium digital technology for 3D projection. This hall is unique in that it has currently the best 3D XPAND transmitters in combination with Christie digital projector and XPAND 3D glasses that achieve absolute stunning color of reproduction and the most convincing impression of the third dimension.

State of the art Dolby Digital surround system is professionally optimized to provide to the audience a new level of sound. Not only will the audience see the movie, but will be thoroughly in tune with the action on the screen.

The 3D equipment that is being used in multiplex “Dolly Bell” is the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival.

Otherwise, 3D images refers to the ways in which our eyes and brain create the impression of the existence of a third dimension. Human eyes are located at a distance of about 50 mm, therefore each eye sees a slightly different part of the world. Two very similar images to the brain, creating a certain disparity. It, in fact, represents the third dimension by projecting our brains caused by obtaining two different perspectives of the same things. It is this effect that modern 3D technology is trying to achieve through transmission of different sequences to both the human eye.

At the repertoire of the theater are represented movies of leading US companies, independent movies and domestic productions. Regarding movies, quality and number of screenings this multiplex is keeping pace with the most advanced world centers.