Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, says to Srna that the Academy of Performing Arts in Andrićgrad, which will receive its first students in October, will be best equipped and most powerful school of directing and starring in the region.

“It is very important that the President Milorad Dodik supports the Faculty of Fine Arts,” says Kusturica, after Dodik and director of Andrićgrad, Pero Petrovic, visited complex of Andrićgrad, in which structure is the building of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Kusturica says that this is President’s regular visit to Andrićgrad during which decisions have been made that everything what has been agreed before will be realized.

“One of these decisions is the foundation, as well as historical and literary prizes that will be awarded by the Andrić Institute,” says Kusturica.

He points out that the president of Republic of Srpska today visited the theater, which should be ready by the end of the year, and the interior works are expected to begin within a month.

Kusturica says that it is planned that next year at the theater scene in Adrićgrad and Venetian theater “La Fenice-Verdiana” simultaneously will be performed premiere of the opera “The Bridge on the Drina”.