In the gallery “Lubarda” in the Andrić Institute tonight has been opened exhibition of paintings by a painter Naod Zorić from Montenegro.

Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, says that the painters who come here have been elected by a sharp eye and a special approach to art.

“Fine art, like any other art is surviving a period of uncertainty because of the many new technological invention that are killing this traditional art, is a good indicator that art still has meaning,” says Kusturica.

He points out that all the portraits that are presented in an unusual manner reminiscent of a strong, expressive line that pulls the Montenegrin tradition.

Author of the paintings, Naod Zorić, says that he has presented 33 works, and that half of them are drawings, and half paintings, and that is a retrospective of his paintings.

“In this business, I try to have the knowledge and skill, and the inspiration is in me, because I paint myself, my blood, and this is something that a man gets by birth,” says Zorić.

The exhibition will be opened for a month.