In the church of the Holy Prince Lazar in Andrićgrad tonight at 2 am was welcomed the Holy Fire from Jerusalem, in the presence of a large number of believers.

Welcome of the Holy Fire preceded a procession that was led by flags and icons and circled around the temple three times.

After then was served sacred liturgy, read the Epistle of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch, Irinej, and carried out a communion of the believers.

Priest Aleksandar Topalović told to Srna that a delegation of priests from Goražde-Višegrad’s vicarage went for the Holy Fire in Sokolac, in order it should be officially welcomed in the temples from this area.

“Priests from Višegrad, Novo Goražde, Rogatica, Bijelo Brdo from Štrpci and from the monastery in Rijeka Dobrunska, brought a part of the fire in their temples so that the people could light up their candles with the Holy Fire,” said Topalović.

According to him, a part of the fire from the temple of the Holy Prince Lazar was transferred to the temple of the Nativity of the Virgin on Megdan, and a part to the temple of the Holy Trinity in Blace.

For Orthodox Christians descending of the Holy Fire, which is shared to the believers with a candle beam, is confirmation of the truth of Christ’s resurrection.