The movie “Bićemo prvaci sveta”, directed by Darko Bajic, about the beginnings and achievements of the Yugoslav basketball has been presented tonight at the movies “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad.

At the invitation of Emir Kusturica, the screening of the movie attended the director, Darko Bajić, and actors Strahinja Blažić, Sergej Trifunović and Ivana Dudić.

The famous Serbian director, Emir Kusturica, says that the theater is renewing a tradition, which has been forgotten, but now is re-established, that tradition is called the domestic movie and through domestic movie the return of a cinema hall.

“When Darko Bajić and I first started, we lived in a country where the worst domestic movie had 100,000 viewers more in Belgrade, then it had the best American or foreign movie. And somehow with the demolition of the former state, unfortunately, it was revoked,” says Kusturica.

He adds that then appeared a new value system in which the West multiplexes all worked properly, and only in the East, the Balkans came to be that people were watching movies first on DVD, and now the “YouTube”.

“This is just a continuation of our cultural policy where we want to go back to the cinema and watch movies together, because it has no replacement,” says Kusturica.

Андрићград - Емир Кустурица на прој

Filmmaker, Darko Bajić, says that he is fascinated by Andrićgrad and the audience.

“It is extremely important that cinema survives, because by going to the cinema you win the television, the medias,” says Bajiž.

He points out that this is the right place where there can be seen authors from all around the world, where we can think freely and where with your reactions in a way you can say what do you thin to those who sit next to you and therefore cinema is important.

“This film is the story of Yugoslavia, a former country in which we all lived. In a time of destroyed and disturbed values in culture and in life, it’s good to be back, to see the values and move on,” says Bajić.

Bajic points out that it is necessary to understand that building these values primarily occurred because the society thought in the right way, and supported talents and young people.

Андрићград - Страхиња Блажић

“I want you to feel the moments that you can really achieve a certain goal. You need to dream in life and in your professions become world champions as these guys have become. These guys are losers who at the European championships won last place and after all that managed to win the gold medal. That’s what happens in the end, they become world champions, it’s a real magnet for young people,” said Bajić.

Sergej Trifunović says that the movie has brought together a good team, resulting with a movie like this.

Strahinja Blažić says that it is a privilege to play a role of a great man, a visionary, Nebojša Popović.

“I am very happy for the promotion in Andrićgrad, from where I bring beautiful impressions,” says Blažić.

Screening of the movie “Bićemo prvaci sveta” was held simultaneously in three halls of the cinema “Dolly Bell”, and in the halls was every seat taken.