At the cinema “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad tonight have been presented novels by a journalist and a writer from Belgrade, Vanja Bulića “Devesedete” ( Nineties) and “Dosije Bogorodica” ( Dossier of Holy Virgin ).

At the promotion Vanja Bulić have said that the book “Devedesete” presents the best the picture of that time.

The book contains four Bulić’s novel. “Lepa sela, lepo gore” ( Pretty Village, Pretty Flame ) is about the war in BiH, “Ratna Sreća” is about the adaptation of warriors to live in peace, “Zadah belog” ( The Smell of Garlic ) is about the collapse of the family and about drugs, and “Crvena kibla” ( Red Kibble ) is about the nuclear lobby in Serbia.

“The texts from those years will fade, and when it all is processed through the literary machine then it remains for eternity,” says Bulić.

He remindes that the film “Lepa sela, lepo gore” was filmed near Višegrad and that testifies to the historical facts of the nineties, and that is exactly what this book is about.

The book “Dosije Bogorodica” is about the two largest Christian shrines located in Cetinje – the icon of the Virgin Filermosa and the right hand of John the Baptist, says Bulić.

He explains that these two shrines were for 25 years in the safe state security, and when they were found, the collar of the Virgin lacked a blue sapphire.

“I have made a thriller story based on all these facts,” says Bulić.

Bulić adds that he sees Andrićgrad “as other world” and that he is glad that Višegrad is presented in a different light, not as it is shown on the set of the film “Lepa sela, lepo gore”.

He has announced a new book “Tesla consignment”, which manuscript has been submitted for printing.