In the Gallery of the Andrić Institute tonight has been opened an exhibition of an artist from Belgrade and graphic maker, Milan Stašević.

Stašević says that because of being invite from the Andrić Institute he has arrived to present his paintings at one prestigious and beautiful place.

The displayed image shows Stašević, represent an overview of the eight periods of his creative work.

“My inspiration is the entire history of art, because at the Academy was demanded from me to be genuine, simple, and without emotions. Later I realized that I should not be original, but to borrow everything, but also to transfer that through my prism of view,” says Stašević.

He points out that he really likes good atmosphere and organization in the Andrić Institute.

“I am particularly delighted with Emir Kusturica’s energy, he has managed to make all this, and no one else from the culture did not know how to make it. Here, I have encountered at a fantastic and noble idea,” says Stašević.

In behalf of the Andrić Institute to Stašević were given books as a sign of gratitude because he presented to the visitors his exhibition.

The audience knows him as the author who on his canvases in a distinctive way revives scenes from the history of art, cave painting, Renaissance, and modern.

The exhibition will be opened in the following thirty days.