Milan Stašević, a painter and graphic maker of the middle generation from Belgrade, winner of numerous awards, professor of painting and drawing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, had over 50 solo exhibitions at home and abroad, participated in more than 300 group exhibitions, and for himself he says that his of painting appeared in his childhood. He always tried to justify the existence and survival of painting in which the imperative was to be original. Member of the ULUS as well as Graphic Collective. He lives and works in Belgrade. His works are in the permanent settings and fund numerous museums.

The audience knows him as the author who on his canvases in a distinctive way revives scenes from the history of art, cave painting, Renaissance, and modern. Stašević paints a subjective history of art and thus he is building a metaphor about the overall continuity of artistic creativity. The optimism that emanates from his canvases, exploring the rhythm of each individual image, captured fragments, focusing on every detail at the painting, are values for which Stašević undoubtedly strives. Together with motives which origins can be sought in naive art, also can be identified and individual motives that are taken from cave painting, Picasso, Miro and Klee. Stašević’s painting belongs to the time and the position of postmodernism.

At the gallery will be exhibited 18 paintings, 3 polyptych (each containing 12 images) and three drawings at the newspapers from each cycle of his artistic creation. Milan Stašević’s exhibition in the Gallery of the Andrić Institute is an overview of his work.

The opening ceremony is on the 8th of March at 7 pm. Among others, the opening of the exhibition will be attended Milan Stašević’s family, his close associates and professor Emir Kusturica.