Gala premiere of the movie “Bićemo prvaci sveta” will be held on 27 March 2015 at 8:10 om at the cinema “Dolly Bell” in Andrićgrad in the presence of the cast and crew of the movie.

From the producers of the most watched domestic movie and TV saga “Montevideo”, company “Intermedia Network” comes another true sports story that is dedicated to basketball.

The movie “Bićemo prvaci sveta” is about the founders of the famous “Yugoslav basketball school” and the first gold medal at the championships in Ljubljana in 1970, and was directed by Darko Bajic.

The central event of the movie is the final match at the World Championships in Ljubljana 1970, between teams of Yugoslavia and the United States.

The movie is set in two different time periods, in the present and in the memories of Nebojša Popović.

Their life path went from the World War II and continued in the communist country where the only place which was free from the policy was basketball. The main character, Nebojša Popović, at that time was in his forties, arrived to Ljubljana to the final triumph of faith that was being nurtured twenty-five years, ever since he had played basketball in army boots, or even without any footwear.

Yugoslavia triumphed, in an ecstasy of unity and patriotism. The whole country was in a trance. President Tito was satisfied. Of course, the history of this story gives the bitter taste of futility.

Starring: Strahinja Blažić, Miloš Biković, Aleksandar Radojičić, Aleksandar Nikolić, Sergej Trifunović, Nina Janković …

With the director, Darko Bajić, Višegrad’s premiere will attend actors Sergej Trifunovic, Ivana Dudić, Strahinja Blažić.