His Grace, Grigorije Bishop of Herzegovina has said tonight in Andrićgrad, in a lecture on “Fear and Freedom”, that wisdom is when you go the middle way between freedom and fear, which can be overcome with love for others, no matter what.

Bishop Gregory points out that the problem is that people run from fear for freedom, and very often in this excessive fear they go away from freedom.

“A human’s life is a walk between fear and freedom, and human fears are many and different, and people are living in various frustrations,” says Bishop Grigorije.

He points out that only loving God and love between people can allow humankind to feel the touch of freedom.

Pointing out that there are many fears, childcare, care of diseases and other fears, Bishop Grigorije remindes that the ultimate one, which causes all human fears – is fear of death.

“The human’s mode of existence is to live in love and to get out of himself/herself, not be a slave to his/her own nature. God is absolutely free, a man is limited by boundaries,” says Bishop Grigorije and reminds that man can not be free if there is no love.

Bishop Grigorije points out that the power of God’s love is in that the God is absolutely free and can therefore liberate us, and that going away from Him represents merging with fear.

The bishop says that people from Višegrad are pious and good, but it containment occurs at every step, and fear of the other and different.

“That is how people here reacted to the construction of Andrićgrad. As if someone takes away their town, and not as if someone gives them a town. The Christian view of the world is that the other and different are good,” says Bishop Grigorije.

The lecture, which was held in a crowded cinema hall in Andrićgrad, was organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church municipality of Višegrad in honour of the biggest Christian holiday, Easter.