In the bookshop “Ili-ili” in Andrićgrad, has been promoted the book “Nekad, neko, negde”, by a writer Milan Ružić from Lučani.

Literary critic, Katarina Brajović, says that this book of short stories goes from confessional, lyrical prose to some sort of epic poetry, whose rhythm in the ear of the reader.

The chief editor of the Publishing House “Štampar Makarije”, Zelidrag Nikčević, says that Milan Ruzic knows the whole Serbian culture and Serbian prose and with that knowledge is achieving progress, which is a very valuable contribution.

“When we got the manuscript by Milan Ružić I saw that we have got a new name in contemporary Serbian prose. A youthful, while noble, serious, balanced handwriting, something intellectual, witty, ironic,” says Nikčević.

The author, Milan Ružić, says that his desire that with this book to “check himself” and that readers will evaluate whether it is worth writing.

“I wanted with these stories to bring down the old spirit and the time in which we respected our culture, saints and all the rest,” says Ružić, adding that the promotion of books in Andrićgrad means a lot, because this is the city of Nobel laureate, a great role model to many writers.