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 From the ‘Simeonov pečat’ and ‘Jovanovo zaveštanje’, a journalist Novak Ivanović moves to ‘’Dosije Bogorodica’, the third novel that deals with the largest Christian relics and attempts to world powers and the mafia to reach a priceless treasure, located in the treasures of Serbian monasteries. In Cetinje there are the right hand of John the Baptist and the icon of Virgin Filermosa, relics that once belonged to the Knights of Malta, and the Romanov dynasty got into the possession of the Karadjordjević dynasty, and after World War II for a quarter of century were languishing in the safe of the state security. This is the beginning of the story, which turns into an exciting thriller set in Cetinje and Budva.




Four novels in one book!

Lepa sela lepo gore is history made up of images, without morbid descriptions and linguistic exhibition, the shortest route reaches reader’s emotions. Its heroes are not the dogs of war, but artisans, teachers, pensioners, students, a few hotheads, all the people with the ten fingers that the fate of the war reduced to only one – the one on the trigger. This is a book about their efforts to endure war as you endure a disease of which a few people are healed.

Ratna sreća is a novel about Serbia at the time of the warriors’ return from the battlefield and they adjustment to the life in peace, the story of the war profiteers who went to war as poors and returned as rich who taught to do business by the rules of war: violent, fraud, in the spirit of new morality and the disappearance of the old norms of behavior …

Zadah belog is a picture of sinking of a family in which, driven by the wings of war, enters drug. The book is inspired by true events, when the drugs could be bought at every kiosk in the street, and its main characters are tough guys from Belgrade streets and returnees from the battlefield. Fake street moral and false patriotism complete the jobs after which remained bodies of mostly young people, who were not ready to deal with the challenges of a turbulent time.

Crvena kibla is a tough story about nuclear lobby in Serbia, who tried to powerful people for a big money give place for the storage of nuclear waste. It is the first book in Serbia on nuclear mafia with roots in the underworld, police and top officials. With this story intertwines and one erotic episode, and with crossing of these stories happens an unexpected dismissal of the drama in which there are stealing, dying and kissing.