Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, has said tonight, while opening an exhibition of an artist, Biljana Vuković, from Belgrade, that people in Višegrad have an opportunity to see an exhibition which all the exhibition centers in Europe would wish to have.

Kusturica also says that Vuković is a serious artist, and that in its graphics it can be seen zeal for life, which, concerning Andrić can be seen in his literature.

We thank the artist, Biljana Vuković, which has given us a chance to see that the color of nature and color of humanity is hidden deep and very often is under the grip of hydraulic and when it returns to the surface turns into a destructive force,” says Kusturica.

Novelist, LJiljana Dugalić, from Belgrade, says that the painter is staring at things that amaze you with their beauty.

Biljana in his creative life happily managed to find a space of inspiration and fulfill tasks, and also showed that to create does not mean to fabricate, but to discover that creation is not an imitation but a recognition,” says Dugalić.


Painter, Biljana Vuković, says that Višegrad and Studenica are two places that she loves and often visits.

Bridges that are on my works are bridges that we build through our art towards the world, but we bring the world in Višegrad. The bridge is a symbol of a human connection that can leave an indelible mark,” says Vuković.

The author has so far had 30 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout the former Yugoslavia and Europe, and was awarded the prize “Great Seal” by the Graphic Collective.

Biljana Vuković is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of Graphics. People from Višegrad can visit this exhibition of graphics in the gallery of the Andrić Institute in the following 30 days.