Band Orthodox Celts was founded in 1992. As the first bend in Eastern Europe that played Irish music in the broadest sense, incorporating Celtic Folk Rock elements in their authentic musical expression. During the last 20 years Orthodox Celts have popularized Irish music and culture and established themselves as unique ambasadors of Irish and Celtic culture of a special kind. Excellent performances and guaranteed positive atmosphere have caused that their faithful audience create an army of fans that follows them wherever thy play.

Despite uncharacteristic genre in their home country, the band is one of the top acts of the Serbian rock scene and has influenced many younger bands across the region. Even more, their version of traditional “Star of the County Down” song, left behind music giants such as Van Morrison and the Chieftains. With more than six million viewers on the Youtube, their song made bigger public impact than the next five bands together.

The Orthodox Celts have had several tours and numerous concerts in this part of Europe, including Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro and Switzerland.

Celebration of the Orthodox New Year will be held on 13 January 2015 at Nikola Tesla Square in Andrićgrad


„Orthodox Celts“ (1994)
„The Celts Strike Again“ (1997)
„Green Roses“ (1999)
„A Moment Like The Longest Day“ (2002)
„One, Two… Five“ (2007)