Concert of spiritual music in the Gallery of the Andrić Institute on Saturday, 27th December 2014 starts at 08:00 pm

At this extraordinary concert performances Serbian Church Choral Society of Pančevo, our oldest ensemble of its kind, established in 1838, which occupies one of the most important places in the musical history of the Serbian people and culture.

The choir is conducted by Vera Carina, who has finished her studies at the Kiev Conservatory.

Serbian Church Choral Society of Pančevo was founded 176 years ago, on March 29, 1838 at Dormition temple in Pančevo. At that time, no city in Serbia had organized singing society, so Serbian Church Choral Society of Pančevo became a bright spot and the starting point of spiritual singing, which later spread to other places.

From the beginning to the present day, the society had and still has a long and fruitful life. In this society always have found the place the most distinguished citizens of Pančevo.

The fate of the society is similar to the fate of the Orthodox Christian in the late nineteenth and during the tumultuous twentieth century. Inextricably is linked to the history of our country. There were many difficult periods, temptations and challenges. However, inspired by the Divine love and led by major artists such as Nikola Djurković, Prota Vasa Živković, then Kornelije Stanković who has devoted “The Divine service” to the society from Pančevo, Davorin Jenko, Mita Topalović, Jovan Bandura, Dr. Mihoval Tomandl and other great selfless people.

The society has never ceased to exist.