The Gallery of the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad, which has been recently named “Lubarda”, in memory of the great Serbian painter, Petar Lubarda, set exhibition titled “The war-fate of the people on both sides of the Drina river.”

In cooperation with the Andrić Institute, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the organizers of the exhibition are the Archives of Serbia and the Historical Archive of Valjevo.

The author of the exhibition, Velibor Vidić, with an associate, Svetozar Gačić, are showing the original documents, numerous photographs and recordings that testify to the great suffering of the Serbian people on both sides of the Drina, after the commencement of the First World War.

For the exhibition authors have provided material from the Archive of Serbia, the Historical Archive of Valjevo, from the library collections of the National Library of Serbia, the Library of Valjevo and from several private collections.

In the catalog, which is printed specially for this exhibition, among other things, is written: “The people on both sides of the Drina river, primarily Serbian, in the final solution of the great powers has almost always remained divided by this river. For this people, the First and Second World War and those before and after them were a constant struggle for survival and to live together.

The exhibition is open until mid-January 2015.

Slavko Heleta

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