In the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad a two-day scientific conference dedicated to the literary work of Branko Ćopić has begun.

Head of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, explains to SRNA that because the conference is held in the city of one writer, unique in the world, confirms that dealing with the literary work of Branko Ćopić is an important artistic and scientific contribution to the literary and scientific circles.

It is necessary that with critical review approach to Branko Ćopić’s work, because he had his own particular poetic vision. We believe that literary critics, the people who are gathered here and those young people who are just growing up, represent a new cycle in the poetic and literary observation of Ćopić’s work,” says Vraneš.

She also adds that after this meeting will be published Collection of Works, which will be the practice for other meetings of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute.

A professor at the University of Belgrade, Jovan Delić, says that the epoch was not good for Ćopić, because in one system was eliminated everything that he wrote.

Ćopić had a utopian vision of the world, but he was among the first ones, who developed a critical picture of the world, his satirical stories and comedies are quite different from the ordinary line,” says Delić.

He also adds that Ćopić’s modernist line reached the best expression in “The Marshmallow Color Garden” and that this is the warmest book and picture that fosters satirical view of the world, which can to o some extent foreshadow why Ćopić “voluntarily” left this world.

Delić points out that this is an opportunity to actualize Ćopić, reminding us that Ivo Andrić said that Ćopić was a born storyteller.

Participant of the conference, Antonela Prisnić, says that this is a great opportunity to recall the life and work of Branko Ćopić and to give a new contribution to the study of his work.

The Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute in the best way will save from oblivion our writers and remind us of their works,” says Prisnić.

Within the scientific conference is planned, inter alia, the promotion of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić’s book “Serbs Everyone and Everywhere” which will be held tonight at the gallery of the Andrić Institute.