Building of “Power plant on the Drina“, built in Andrićgrad, designed by an architect Branislav Mitrović, won the third place.

At the international competition for the best building constructed of cement of a multinational corporation “Cemex” in Mexico, building of the “Power plant on the Drina“, built in Andrićgrad and designed by architect Branislav Mitrović, won the third place. This news is interesting because the first place won the famous architect David Chipperfield from London, and the second the largest German design bureau “Gerken, Mark and partners“.

It seems to me that this is one of the best awards that we have received,” says Mitrović for “Novosti“.

I’m glad that our small architectural firm” Mitarh “from Belgrade found itself to be at the same place with the best designers. This is one of the most beautiful results of Serbian architecture, especially because the building is made in a marginalized area with natural materials – wood and stone – drew the attention of world public architecture.”

Movie director, Emir Kusturica, found for us the most remarkable craftsmen, who feel a rock in their soul. They have remarkably upgraded our drawings. It precisely this good synergy of designers and builders that has been responsible for this good result.