Today in the Andrić Institute has been presented the tenth (October) issue of “Historical Notebooks”.

The central theme of the October issue of “Historical Notebooks” is war in Serbia in the fall of 1914. This topic determined the greatest part of the content in this issue. Author Dr. Miloje Pršić, a military historian from Belgrade, gave a synthetic overview of military operations and inspected the flow of battles on Cer, Drina and Kolubara, gave precise ratio of military forces, and the distribution of military units of opposing armies – Serbian and Austro-Hungarian and counted the losses on both sides. It is about the battles that marked the beginning of the First World War and the battles in which the Serbian army achieved victories over the far more powerful and militarily better equipped enemy. Victories of Serbian army in the fall of 1914 drew a huge international attention and caused surprise and delight among the allied armies.

The tenth issue of “Historical Notebooks” contains documents of the Archives of Serbia concerning foreign medical missions in Serbia and their dedication and very large role in the treatment and care of the wounded. In this issue, he published the first part of documented contributions and in the next issue will be published sequel. Editors of these documents that were not all of them mentioned until now are: Jelic Reljić, Ana Kos, Aleksandar Marković and Dr. Miroslav Perišić.

This issue of “Historical Notebooks” also brings two contributions that specifically require attention. The first is about the suffering of the National Library of Serbia in the First World War, the author is Jasmina Nedeljković, and the second is the story of the youngest corporal in the world. Momčilo Gavrić, who with only eight years old, was left without family, and become a soldier and walked through Albania. The author of this contribution is Dragomir Antonić.

The Andrić Institute will continue to publish “Historical Notebooks” in the period up to the end of the year and at the moment is preparing work plan for the next year which will be filled with a rich variety of scientific activities (publishing, translations, scientific conferences, journal Vekovi, lectures by foreign historians …). About the work plan for next year will be discussed on one of the following press conference in the Andrić Institute.