In the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad has been held a three-day seminar for educators and librarians from Republic of Srpska and Serbia on “Individual and group work in a school library” organized by the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

A teacher from a primary school in Belgrade, Olja Radenković, held a lecture on “Internet, libraries and education,” in which the participants of the seminar explained the use of the Internet and various websites, or how make online learning and distance learning closer to children.

At the lecture I have tried to explain the use of websites for teacher training and how to connect them with the curriculum that children need to learn in school,” said Radenković.

She explained that for children she used the websites with video games, which complement the lectures, to keep them interested and being closer to classes according to their interests.

Radenković told to SRNA that teachers understand the importance of the Internet and technical resources in the classroom, but now the children know more than adults.

The seminar participants, on the first day of school libraries in teaching, discussed about their position and importance, and on the second day about the creativity of a school library and working modes in school libraries. It was also talked about how to bring book closer to adolescents and how to work with preschool and school-age children,” added Radenković.

Librarian from the National and University Library of the Republic of Srpska, Mirela Šarić, said that at the seminar was discussed about the state and prospects of development of school librarianship.

She added that was also planned the continuation of the seminar for the following year in Andrićgrad.

Seminar participants after receiving certificates visited the classroom of Ivo Andrić and other sights in Višegrad.