Participants of “Jahorina Film Festival” today, as the part of the event, have visited Andrićgrad and in cinema “Dolly Bell” showed a thirty minutes long film by Ratko Orozović, the artistic director and the founder of the festival.

Participants were full of enthusiasm with all what is made in Andrićgrad in a short period of time, and especially they liked the multiplex, for which they said that did not lag behind the cinemas in their countries from which they come, as well as from Europe.

The artistic director and the founder of the festival, Ratko Orozović, said that in Andrićgrad at each step can be seen multiculturalism.

“This is something that will be remembered for generations, and also an attraction for guests from different countries,” sayid Orozović.

He said this was the eighth festival, which this year attracted a great number of visitors from all over the world.

“This festival has a mission to educate people, to raise awareness to what is ugly and beautiful. Ecological movies speak critically about human beings and the environment, and touristically promote the natural beauties,” concluded the artistic director and founder of the festival, Ratko Orozović.

Marija Žižović from Serbia, the author of a movie “Kad ti tata kupi slona”, said that she was delighted by what she saw in Andrićgrad. “Andrić described it in his novel, and we have experienced scenes from the novel,” added Žižović.

Participant of “Jahorina film festival”, Tina Etrović Čubrilo, a journalist from Zagreb, said that through this city were transformed Andrić’s thoughts.

“I have learned a lot about Andrić during today’s visit to Višegrad. Thank you Emir Kusturica for building the wooden and the stone town and turning the attention of world public at this area,” said Eterović Čubrilo.

Manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić said that Andrićgrad for the participants of “Jahorina Film Festival” provided a richer program than in previous years.

Besides presenting the movie, the participants had a boat ride with Andrićgrad’s boat “Lotika” to the Bridge on the Drina and forward.