Manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić, announces that by the end of December in this complex, made of stone, should be opened a restaurant of national cuisine, and by the spring a 5-star hotel.

Šipčić says to SRNA that the hotel will have 54 rooms, of which four will be luxury suites.

Almost all the works relating to the outside of the hotel are completed, and the job in this hotel will get 50 new workers,” says Šipčić and adds that by the end of the year in Andrićgrad should be opened wine and spirits bar.

He announces that on Vidovdan (St. Vitus) next year is planned opening of a theater in Andrićgrad, when at its stage will be played premiere of an opera “The Bridge on the Drina”.

We expect that by Vidovdan (St. Vitus) 2015 the whole project Andrićgrad will start to work with its full capacities, together with the Faculty of Fine Arts, which will be also opened,” says Šipčić.

He adds that Andrićgrad this year have been visited by many tourists from all over Republic of Srpska and Serbia, as well as from Europe and the whole world, and he also says that so far the most tourist have been from Russia and Slovenia.

Andrićgrad this year has been visited by almost 200 thousands tourists, which is much more compared to last year,” says Šipčić, expressing hope that this trend will continue during the winter period.

SRNA – Tatjana Parađina