Andrićgrad, a complex in Višegrad, dedicated to a Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andrić, recorded a great number of visitors, while the works on the restoration of the Mehmed-pasha Sokolović’s bridge are at an advanced stage, according to Anatolia.

The construction of this complex, which occupies 23,000 square meters, and is located near the famous monument of historical importance, Mehmed-pasha Sokolović’s bridge, has begun in 2011. In Andrićgrad there are restaurants, bookstore, gallery, church …

Andrićgrad this year has been visited by almost 200 thousand people. While tourists have long been visited by this place, and still waiting for the completion of certain infrastructure facilities with which offer of Andrićgrad will be complete.

We have opened some new facilities and accommodations, and next year we expect to open a hotel and this will complete the tourist offer of Andrićgrad and we expect an even better season than this year,” in an interview for AA among other things said manager of Andrićgrad, Đorđije Šipčić.

According to him, Andrićgrad records a large number of visits, and there is no doubt that it will grow even in the following winter period.

When it comes to visiting our complex by tourists, we are very satisfied. Season is at the end, but attendance is not yet subsided thanks to sunny intervals. This year Andrićgrad has been visited by approximately 200,000 tourists, which is more than last year. We expect that during the winter period tourists will also keep coming, “said Šipčić.

However, Andrićgrad originated as an idea of a movie director, Emir Kusturica, about the medieval town inspired with works and characters of a writer, Ivo Andric. It was built so that visitors, when they walk through its streets, are under the impression that they passes through different historical periods.

When it comes to architecture, the complex is designed to mix Byzantine style with the Ottoman period, Renaissance and Classicism.

Andrićgrad in its complex has a significant number of cultural and tourist facilities and accommodation.