In the bookshop “Ili-ili” in Andrićgrad has been promoted the 39th issue of magazine for literature,
science and culture “Srpska vila”.

President of the Association of Librarians of Republic of Srpska, Stojka Mijatović, expressed
satisfaction with the promotion of the magazine in Andrićgrad, noting that this issue includes
contributions of Divna Vasić and Miljana Prodan from Višegrad.

President of Serbian educational and cultural society “Prosvjeta” from Bijeljina, Dušanka
Novaković, says that “Prosvjeta” has a good cooperation with Višegrad and that this is also an
opportunity for the presentation of new issue of magazine in Andrićgrad.

She also says that the journal is important as the mirror of cultural life in the region.

At the promotion, the promoter and a member of the editorial “Srpska vila”, Ljiljana Lukić, points
out that the journal publishes papers from the field of poetry, prose, essays, presentations,
sayings and aphorisms.

Organizers of this promotion are municipal committees of “Prosvjeta” from Bijeljina and

SRNA – Jovana Borovčanin