In Andrićgrad last night was promoted book “Zaveštanje iz kamena” ( Legacies from the Stone) by Jablanka Pavlović from Sokobanja.

On promotion of the book in the bookstore “Ili-ili” Pavolić said that it was a painstaking effort to publish a book, a collection of poems or a collection of short stories, because it required a lot of sacrifice and money.

“Each of has a goal to do something and make money. But the pleasure that you  feel when you see a smile on the promotion of the book is priceless to any price of a book,” said Pavlović.

About the book also talked a poet from Višegrad, Dragica Grbić and a member of Višegrad’s Association of lovers of the written word, Stojko Mijatović. Verses from the book were recited by members of recitation sections of elementary school “Vuk Karadžić” and high school “Ivo Andrić” from Višegrad.

“Books are happy when people meet. The poet has delighted us with her creativity and that is why she is today in Andrićgrad,” said Mijatović at the book promotion.

She added that the book’s title referred to something everlasting, something that was passed on to others as the unwritten law of life.

Jablanka Pavlovic won several major awards, as well as the Charter of literary creation.