n the Andrić Institute has been promoted the September issue of “Historical Notebooks”, which is specifically dedicated to the great suffering of the Serbs in the First World War.

Promoting the ninth issue of “Historical Notebooks”, the editor of the publishing house “Dabar” of Dioceses of Dabrobosanska, Slavko Heleta, says that the ninth issue of the magazine is rich with original documents relating to the First World War.

We have now thematically shifted to the First World War and the period following the Assassination in Sarajevo,” says Heleta.

He adds that it is also published and the complete story of an old woman, Višnja Mosić, who on the eve of the First World War, in all possible ways helped members of Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia), women-hero that King placed with the Thessaloniki volunteers.

In this issue we have published the records of the suffering of the Serbs in the upper part of the Drina valley and Romanija, that also needs to encourage everyone that places of execution should be marked and arranged.

Heleta says that in the text about the crimes against Serbs in the upper area of the Drina and Romanija can be found information about the torture of the priest Lazar Kosorić from Goražde, and that the complete lists of Thessalonica volunteers from the municipalities Čajniče and Goražde have been published.

In this issue, among other things, have been also published letters and telegrams of Nikola Pašić, Živojin Mišić and other military leaders concerning the Serbian front on the Drina River in 1914.

Heleta has announced that “Historical Notebooks” by the end of the year will be available in bookstores, and before the New Year is planned that all 12 issues will be published as a collection of works.