Valuable documentary material on the Assassination in Sarajevo

President of Matica Srpska, Dragan Stanić, tonight at the gallery of the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad officially opened an exhibition of archive material “Young Bosnia and the Assassination in Sarajevo” which will with it educational function at best way to reflect the time before, during and after the Assassination Sarajevo.

Addressing to the numerous visitors, Stanić especially emphasized that the Serbs have never submitted to the invaders, which was proved countless times, even in the case of the Assassination in Sarajevo.

He stressed that this is an extremely valuable and documentary rich exhibition, which author is Bojan Stojnić, assistant director of the Archives of Srpska from Banja Luka.


Stojnic said that the exhibition is divided into five thematic sections and includes documents that do not allow anyone to falsify history.

The most valuable exhibits at the exhibition are correspondence between members of the “Young Bosnia”, reports on the suffering of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the First World War and photographs, depicting the hanging of the BIH and the closure of the concentration camps that represents special archival values.

Stanic has announced that visitors of Andrićgrad in Višegrad this exhibition, which marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, will be able to see up to the 20th September.


At the same time, the exhibition starts and in Serbia. The first destination is Belgrade, where it will be set on the 15th September in the Archives of Yugoslavia, and will be opened by Nebojsa Radmanovic, the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” confirmed Stojnić.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition a member of the Board of the Andrić Institute, Borivoje Milošević, Director of the Archives Srpska, Dušan Popović and one of the founders of the “Positive Srpska” movement Dalibor Račić addressed to the audience with short sayings.

Organizer of the exhibition is the “Positive Srpska” movement from Banja Luka.